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Dr. Nathan Daughtrey’s compositions are “fresh, beautifully scored journeys through dramatic textures” that feature “powerful tensions, velvety textures, lamenting colors and driving vigor.” With over fifty publications for concert band, percussion ensemble, chamber ensembles, and soloists as well as an ever-growing number of commissions, his works have been performed at national and international conferences.

His new work for percussion ensemble, The Cry, emulates the passionate melismatic singing and sparse guitar playing found in flamenco music. The virtuosic singing is scored throughout the ensemble in long flourishes that are full of twists and turns. The antiphonal castanet players help bring in the flamenco elements to the piece, as well as the sounds of flamenco dancers tapping, stomping and clapping in rhythm. 

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New Release: The Manes Scroll

The OU Percussion Press is proud to announce the release of The Manes Scroll by Christopher Deane.  For more information please visit our catalog page.

Select Titles on Sale

The following titles are currently on sale:

Canzona $40

Diptych No. 2 $40

Blue Tidbit $20

Minor Moment $20

Melisande's Death $20

Compendium $40

Twilight Offering Music $40

New Releases: Part Deux

The OU Percussion Press is pleased to announce the release of A Fit Reliquary for Brass Quintet and Percussion Ensemble by Marvin Lamb. You can find a detailed description, as well as PDF and audio samples of this complex work by visiting our catalog page.

New Releases!

The OU Percussion Press is pleased to announce the release of Curled Dimensions by Lynn Glassock and Cores Norte/Sul by Ricardo Souza. Checkout the Composer's Spotlight article for more info on Cores. Feel free to visit our catalog page for PDF samples and other information about the new pieces.

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